Lying in the forest, surrounded by trees, by the singing of the birds and by a whisper of breeze, we discovered Serra da Estrela in its smallest and delicate details.


Knowing the life of a shepherd, painting with natural paints or exploring the senses in the forest, are experiences to enter into communion with nature and discover the fauna and flora of the Mountain.


In our breakfasts and picnics we use genuine local products such as fruit, honey, nuts and cheese from small producers, as well as bread and biscuits from the village bakeries.


Our guests are our best critics, whenever they analyze experiences, accommodation or a picnic. We thank them all by the score of 9.6 that they attributed us in Booking,com and by the status of Super Host in 

This experience was just magic and I suggest to anyone who is coming to around this area to save some hours to do it! You will not regret it! Everything was organized in details but with a genuine approach. It was an enthusiastic adventure in the deep tissue of Portugal and made our holiday special.



Awesome! Fantástica manhã com a Inês, o Miguel e o Sr. Augusto. O acompanhar do pastor e o seu rebanho levou a muita aprendizagem pelo caminho, para além das paisagens de cortar a respiração! No topo, a cereja em cima do bolo com um excelente pic-nic serrano, com produtos locais! Tudo excelente! Obrigada pela partilha!



A Serra da Estrela era um projeto de viagem de dois anos e a pequena e linda Manteigas a referência desta viagem a Portugal. Quando eu e meus amigos nos hospedamos na aconchegante casa da Inês e do Miguel a nossa viagem vai muito além das nossas expectativas, principalmente com a subida na montanha acompanhados por nossos “anfitriões” e o Seu Augusto, o pastor, levando o rebanho de cabras e ovelhas para pastagem. Foi uma experiência fantástica em que conhecemos um pouco do passado e da vida atual da região narradas pelo pastor e por nossos anfitriões Inês e Miguel…



Inês and Miguel communicate clearly and are knowledgeable about the local environment. They were sensitive to our level of ability and answered all of our questions during the hike. They have a very personal and respectful relationship with the Shephard. Ines and Miguel care deeply about the community and it comes across in all of their thoughts about this beautiful area. The lunch was thoughtfully assembled with local food. We highly recommend this unique opportunity to experience a rapidly vanishing way of life.



Experiência única e enriquecedora! Inês e Miguel são excelentes anfitriões e guias, apaixonados pela região. Acompanhar o pastor e suas ovelhas e cabras e desfrutar da sua sabedoria e simplicidade é um privilégio inesquecível. O pic-nic é delicioso e a vista que se obtém é inigualável. Recomendo fortemente!



This is one of the best experience you can have at Serra da Estrela. This walk is poetic, beautiful and so true at the same time. Inês and Miguel are wonderful guides. Everything was well prepared. An unforgettable experience!!!



Dear Inês and Miguel, This is not just a trip, an activity, a hike. It is a gift from above to have such an experience. Gracious providence from above. For a citizen living in Asian city, this experience is inspiring, full of wisdom and truth, imparted from the nature. Everything is real, is genuine, nothing acting and, there is no need to act. Because all from Inês and Miguel are for sharing of the generosity of nature, not for advertising. They are so caring and considerate, hiking up the mountain according to our rhythm and pace. You will find the true beauty of nature, not by the outside view and scene, but also by the inner stories, telling you the feeling, the heart, the spirit of the nature. The shepherd and the villagers, are maintaining the natural resource and making the wise balance within. The nature is powerful, generous and gentle to us, but you must be respectful to the nature and the One who create. Thank so much for offering us this unforgettable experience.


Hong Kong

The trip with Mr. Augusto, Inês and Miguel was fantastic. They were all really friendly and great guides. They explained a lot about the flora and fauna in our tour. We had an awesome time! Also we had a great picnic on the peak of the mountain, and Inês even made some gluten free food (because of an allergy). We can very much recommend the tour if you want to see the Serra da Estrela area!



This was an amazing, once in a lifetime experience from beginning to end. You get real life insight into what it’s like to be a shepherd in Portugal. You walk right beside the shepherd, the goats and the sheep. You get an appreciation of how challenging this life can be. Miguel and Ines are fantastic hosts. They are bright, curious, thoughtful and love sharing their wisdom with others. We had such great conversations and I learned so much. They are incredibly thoughtful. They let me eat their freshly picked berries and provided a true feast on our adventure. Truly one of the best experiences I’ve ever had.



What a unexpected delight this was. Ines and Miguel are so very sincere and committed to preserving the natural and cultural heritage of this lovely region. The meander with the sheep and goats and our host shepherd Mr Agostino was a reminder that we can forget how life has been for centuries. Mr Agostino had many stories and anecdotes. The sense of nature and balance was all prevailing and just what we were looking for after all the bustle of visiting the man made monuments. To then have a lunch en plein air with wine, rustic bread, condiments and cheese + carne curada made by Mrs Agostino was sensational. Do enjoy and appreciate how Ines and Miguel are carefully organising a respectful insight into a vanishing way of life. The unexpected highlight of our trip.

Graema & Susan


This experience was delightful! I learned a lot about the local cheese and the cheese making process, but more importantly I made new friends, and got a real taste of the local culture with people who have a heartfelt and historic connection to it. My one recommendation to other people considering doing this experience is to bring an appetite. There were more than a half dozen cheeses to try, as well as homemade jams and jellies, dried fruit, wine, bread, and more. Yum! We also had a serendipitous special surprise when some sheep came strolling past the house with the bells on their collars and their shepherdess and her dogs gently and deftly guiding them along!



Ines et Miguel nous on chaleureusement accueillis, nous avons aimé discuter et partager cette expérience avec eux et avec le berger. Si vous souhaitez découvrir une partie du métier de berger afin de voir leur interaction avec le troupeau et de vous rendre compte à quel point leur mode de vie est respectueux de l’environnement. Mais aussi de voir que l’élevage non intensif de viande demande beaucoup de temps et d’efforts. Nous sommes contents de voir que ce mode de vie traditionnel subsiste dans certaines régions, notamment au Portugal. Merci à nos 3 hôtes.



Até agora tive diversas boas experiências em Portugal, mas a prova com a Inês e o Miguel, não foi só boa, foi incrível, genuína, essencial. Atravessei o Atlântico para conhecer a essência do país, por isso estou viajando 20 dias pelo interior e com eles encontrei parte dessa essência. Mineira que sou, o queijo e a Serra da Estrela eram das minhas maiores expectativas, e descobrir que existe uma enorme variedade de curas, maturações, sabores e tipos de leite utilizados foi uma grata surpresa e uma explosão de sabores. Isso sem contar os demais produtos locais que acompanharam a experiência: doces, vinhos, castanhas, frutos… Além de tudo, o cuidado deles em apresentar o método de preparo e toda a história que envolve o queijo, em selecionar produtos realmente locais, de pequenos produtores e agricultura familiar, mostra que eles realmente estão preocupados em contar a linda história dessa serra que ganhou meu coração.



I wish I could give 10 stars. This was literally the best part of our trip to Portugal. Ines and Miguel were fantastic hosts; extremely knowledgeable, friendly, and caring. Our tour with Mr. Augusto (the shepherd) was second to none. Climbing the hills with them was exhilarating and gave us a unique virus into the lives of the local community. When we reached the top we had the best picnic comprising local food and wine. When we made the trek back to the shepherd’s house he graciously invited us in to meet his wonderful wife. We purchased some out of this world homemade cheese that we snacked on over the next week. I can’t say enough about how much fun we had that day. I wish we knew about their rental property prior to booking other lodging, but maybe we will the next time around.



We loved meeting Inês and Miguel for the cheese tasting experience! They shared their knowledge of the cheeses, the people that make part of the process and fotos. The bread was lovely, the cheeses were amazing! and the wine, nuts, jam and juice were great additions to it. We loved it!.



There is something incredibly special about this experience. The amazing natural beauty of the mountains on its own would be spectacular, but sharing in Mr. Augusto’s daily routine and spending time with him, hearing his stories, really makes you appreciate your surroundings to a whole new level. We left early for the hike, and had an amazing picnic brunch with wine and local delicacies that Ines and Miguel prepared for us. We also got to meet Mr. Augusto’s wife, pick cherries from the tree In his yard and bought the cheese his wife makes (which was delicious). We felt very welcomed and Ines and Miguel were wonderful hosts, offering further suggestions for some local hikes. I can’t recommend this enough!



Experiência incrível e única! Para quem gosta de queijos e novos sabores essa é a experiência ideal. Casal muito simpático fez de tudo para que a experiência fosse singular, preparam com cuidado e carinho de tudo, inclusive colocando doces à mesa que eles mesmo fizeram, uma delícia! Todos produtos bem preparados e pensados para o momento. Noite estava agradável e ficamos no terraço. Comida e companhia perfeita.



The hike with Ines and Miguel was a very nice experience. By walking with the herd of goats and sheep we learned a log of the nature and local customs. Miguel has prepared a fantastic breakfast with local products, eg cheese and fruits. If you are in normal condition this hike is very doable. We highly recommend this experience.



Ines and Miguel were friendly and engaging hosts. Their table was filled with delicious cheeses from the area, tasty bread, regional wine, fruits and special toppings. We enjoyed learning about the cheese culture around Manteigas and would recommend this experience to others interested in spending quality time with a knowledgeable local couple.



C’était une superbe expérience avec Augusto, Inès et Miguel. Et les animaux 🙂 Une bonne marche matinale, un bol d’air et une bonne collation avec des produits locaux, très conviviale ! Expérience à faire entre amis ou en famille. Je recommande !



We love cheese. And this is a cheese lovers tour! We learned about the local traditions at a beautiful table with a gorgeous view (with plenty of food and wine for dinner). We even visited the neighbor – a goat and sheep herder – during milking. Inêz and Miguel provide a unique experience (all in English!) that you just can’t create on your own. Do it!



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